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#633: How To Adopt My “No Wrong Turns” Mindset

December 12, 2023

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Debunking the myth that you can make a “wrong decision”. 

When building your business, do ever worry if you're making the right decisions or if you're on the right path? Well, my dear friend, let me tell you something: every decision you make, every twist and turn or bump in the road, is taking you to exactly where you're meant to be. You just can't make a wrong turn! 

Believe me, I know from experience. When I made my very first digital course, the number sold was a massive disappointment. But because I didn't give up and took action anyway, the universe steered me in the right direction, and just look where I am now! 

So, here's some tough love for you – if you're not in the game at all, you're missing out on huge opportunities. As an entrepreneur, it's natural to fear making mistakes. But even those imperfect decisions move you forward

In this episode, I share: 

  • 3:23: Why every choice gets you one step closer to where you're meant to be 
  • 5:32: Advice for embracing your mistakes 
  • 7:47: Why this concept is deeply personal to me 
  • 9:09: How to step off of the sidelines and into action
  • 13:34: The beauty of serendipitous redirects

So, when things don't always go as planned, embrace the detour, my friend. Listen in and get inspired to come out on the other side even stronger! 

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There’s a reason “made easy”
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There’s a reason “made easy” is literally the title!

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