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With a husband and 4 little kids at home, my 3-hour commute to the university I was teaching at was certainly taking a TOLL.

Especially since I was also traveling to conferences throughout the year to present workshops to educators. And at each one, I’d get the same question… “Can you come teach this stuff at our school?” Which led to even more travel.

(And I live an hour away from the nearest airport!)

Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching educators. I love giving them more resources so that they feel more confident in their math classrooms. And those kids have an even better experience in school. You see, I discovered that when you teach math the Simon Sinek way by “starting with why” instead of just the “what”… math becomes not just easier for students, but also fun!

The problem was all the travel. It made balancing my mom life, wife life, and work life super difficult.

So, I started listening to business podcasts to see if I could make a shift in my career. Which led me to Amy, and that’s when I started to see exactly what was possible for me.

I realized that instead of traveling and doing all the stuff one-on-one, I could put my most popular training online. I’d still be making an impact with the way math is taught by teachers (and learned by students) in America. I’d still be making a living and supporting my family. But I’d also get to stay home in our remote Idaho town with my kindergarten sweetheart (my husband) and our four young kids. WIN-WIN-WIN!

For my first beta launch, I was hoping 20 teachers would sign up. I hadn’t yet created the course so the price was reduced and this was really just a test.

Instead, over 275 teachers bought the program! (Which was over $50,000 in income!!)

I knew I was on to something.

It’s been 4 crazy fast years since that first launch, and I’ve learned EVERYTHING I possibly could from Amy about how to grow this idea of mine into an incredible digital course business.

My list size has grown from 1,000 people to 90,000 people.

(By the way, I used to build my list by handing out blank pieces of paper from the stage while speaking at conferences and asking people to write down their contact info. My system is much more sophisticated these days since Amy taught me how to do everything online!)

Our most recent launch brought in over 1,000 new customers, over $300,000 for my family, and all of this happened during COVID!

Which is crazy considering that when we first found out about COVID, I told myself I was going to cancel my launch plans.

Thankfully my accountability group (from Amy’s membership after DCA) was like, “Girl, you’ve got to be the leader and show them how they need this during this time.”

And they were right! If I hadn’t launched… those ONE THOUSAND teachers wouldn’t have had the support they needed to keep teaching during this insane time.

I’m just so grateful I discovered Amy and that I made the very wise decision to invest in learning from her. She challenged me to dream bigger and aim to create a $2 million business in 10 years. I did it in under two! My whole life has changed in such a short period of time!

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