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I have a younger sister who has a disability, and a really strong, passionate, advocate mother. My mother did everything she could to support my sister in having a good, positive life!

This also meant I grew up in a disability-positive community surrounded by some of the best, most insightful thought leaders and mentors in the field.

So, when my second son was born with disabilities, I was starting from a different place in my journey than most parents.

I saw that often (too often) in my career as a clinically trained midwife. I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of families over the years. And when a couple I’ve been working with would have a child with disabilities, I could see how much help they were going to need.

Parents use Google and Facebook groups to get additional information about their child’s disability. That’s what frames their mindset, and it’s NOT always positive. So, I wanted to meet parents in a place where they are, online, early in their journey to help them see that there IS a different way.

I started a podcast called Good Things in Life to provide parents with opportunities to hear from thought leaders and mentors like I did growing up.

And that was just the beginning for me.

As I was growing my podcast, I would listen to others in hopes of discovering how to get more exposure for the work I was doing in this world.

I heard Amy interviewed on Pat Flynn’s podcast, and that’s when I got hooked. After I heard her interview, I listened to allllll her podcasts and joined every single thing she offered. (Literally everything!)

With her guidance, I focused on producing weekly content, really serving people, and building my list from 0 to about 1,500 subscribers.

Then I collaborated with a friend and colleague to create my course, The What, Why, and How of Inclusive Education. From there I created my membership site.

My big win came when I wrote an email that earned me $27,000! We had a family tragedy that changed my situation. And I knew I needed to make some extra money… quick!

So, I sent a single email to a contact I have in a provincial organization here in Ontario and said, “Listen, you’ve got this family engagement strategy, and you’ve got this commitment to inclusive education. But I don’t see you running a lot of current programs or projects around it. Here’s what I have to offer. Would you be interested?”

I found out roughly what a full-time policy employee at the organization made, and that’s what I set as my rate. I sent that email, and they said, “Yes!”

I’ll be running my newest course for them every month for 6 months with a different cohort of parents to help them advocate for inclusive education for their children!

WOW! This is a dream come true!

All of Amy’s training finally led me to joining Momentum.

What I love most? The accountability group! It has moved the needle in my business.

We meet on Mondays to review where we’re at and what we need to accomplish. Then we talk about what we need from the group. We also run work sessions once or twice a week. (Can you see why it’s been invaluable?)

Now I have the option not to be an on-call midwife answering to the demands of other people’s families before I answer the demands of my own. My worldview has completely changed, and it’s thanks to Amy!

Amy, thank you! What I’ve learned from you has made such a powerful difference in my life!

Update: I have been able to secure another course contract for $32k with a school district.

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