#78: How I Generated $170K from One Upsell Strategy

In the process of building my business, I’ve made more than my share of mistakes. The silver lining is that I get to pass the wisdom I’ve learned on to you. It’s always easier to do something right when you’ve got someone guiding you past the ways it can go wrong.

However, today’s post is all about something that recently worked really well in my business. It’s something you can apply quickly to your next promotion.

Ready? Let’s talk about upsells!


What Is an Upsell?

First, let’s get our definitions straight.

Say someone buys a program or product from you online. They fill in all the credit card details and finish the transaction completely. They are officially now a member of your program.

Before you take them to the purchase thank-you page that’s when you can offer an upsell. You are giving your new purchaser one more opportunity to buy from you within the same interaction.

Pretty cool, right?

Putting Together Your Upsell Offer

Three vital things to consider when doing upsells:

  1. What is the best upsell you can offer as it relates to the program you just sold?
  2. How do you price your upsell?
  3. The flow of the upsell process.

I’m no expert in upsells. I’ve been in business a while, and just recently started using them.

But the success I’ve experienced has shown me that there’s a certain flow that’s really important to the overall strategy of your upsell.

An Example from My Promotion

In my most recent promotion, Webinars That Convert, I welcomed over 1,000 new members into the program in just under two weeks! That alone was awesome…but even more awesome was the fact that 58% of those new members purchased the upsell I offered! That generated an extra $170k in revenue!

Here’s how I designed that upsell—both the product and the process.

  1. I put together a product that perfectly complemented the program I was selling. In this case, it was a pack of 5 slide deck templates. You need a slide deck for your webinar, and these templates gave purchasers five unique, polished looks for their presentation. They also made the setup process a lot simpler.
  2. I had the template pack price fixed, BUT I offered buyers three different options. They could purchase the pack in one fell swoop, they could split up the purchase into two payments, or they could purchase a “lite” pack of just two templates.
  3. I structured the upsell offer with a great deal of strategy. Here’s how it worked: if someone saw the offer and bought the five decks at full price, they would never see the two-pay offer or the lite version. You wouldn’t see the lite version unless you declined the first two offers. See how it works based on the potential buyer’s behavior? It also allowed me to learn more about the segments of my audience.

I go through a lot more the details of how to create your upsell (with ideas you’re welcome to steal!) and structure your offer in the podcast.  Also, there is ONE THING you do NOT want to do when creating an upsell.  I share the “don’t do this” details in my podcast as well.  Click here to listen to it now!

For this week’s free download, I’ve included the actual upsell page I used in this promotion, so you can see exactly what I did and make it your own.

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  1. Nice article…hoping to really learn a lot

  2. Another brilliant post, Amy!! Segmenting is something I definitely need to spend more time on in my biz…but I already have an up sell in mind for my last course. Thank you!!

  3. Can’t wait to listen to this one! I am about to launch my program today, so this is definitely timely! Thanks, Amy, as always, for providing such great content!

  4. Love the mini trainings… I would like to hear your thoughts on email lists. How to segment, manage and best practices when sending messages etc…

  5. Mary Meckey says:

    Incredible value as usual! I’d love to know how you create your courses which are so well designed to reach people at different levels in their business.

  6. Amy – you rock! I’m listening to all your podcasts madly…you definitely nailed it with your tagline – business advice so easy you’ll feel like you’re cheating. You have dropped years from my learning curve!

    And I couldn’t wait to pay you for something because you had already given me so much value – so I was psyched to join your Webinars That Convert course. I LOVE it! And I am amazed by the value you give in the course – and on the Facebook group.

    I’m hoping that you will share more about how you use Asana in an upcoming podcast episode…I would LOVE that! We use Asana too, but I’d love to see what you do. I already set our our dropbox just like yours from your podcast episode.

    You must have thousands of mini-you’s all over the world…that much closer to lighting up the world with their offerings because of your generosity. Thank you!

  7. Martyn J Wood says:

    That was both enlightening, educational, and fun thanks for bringing your best stuff as always Amy

  8. Although I’m still struggling with how to implement this with my own business, I have to say that this was a truly enlightening podcast.
    One of your best.
    Thank you.

  9. movie tube says:

    thank you for all that informations
    movie tube

  10. I have see people do this type of upsell Amy and it is very effective. Thanks for all you do.

  11. aaronlifrd07 says:

    Is this podcast no longer on Stitcher? The last episode that I see is from September.

  12. To make 6 figures off of an upsell you clearly had a very large audience. I would like to know what avenues you take to get that large of an audience.

  13. DON SNYDER says:

    I agree an upsell can be important to the seller. HOWEVER, as a buyer, I do not like it when I believe that the deal ends with original sales page, then all of a sudden here comes an additional portion never discussed. Consequently I am EXTREMELY hesitant to begin the purchase process to begin with. I feel this is entirely deceptive and in a way false advertising, especially when you are led to believe everything you need is originally presented.
    It is especially aggravating when the next upsell is 3-5 times the original cost. Two days ago there were 4 upsells with the final costing more than $1,000.00. This kind of thing has stopped me from purchasing anything without going onto google to try to find if there will be anymore upsells

  14. I’m wondering the same thing; can’t access recent episodes on Stitcher.

  15. Amazing value Amy. As a buyer I may not like an Upsell, yet as an entrepreneur I fully understand its importance esp. if it comes from a place of love. These days its all about the dollar signs! We need to step into our buyer’s shoes and learn how to best serve.

  16. ChallengesToDo says:

    Great money revenue and pretty cool way of thinking… but as a buyer I don’t like Upsell :D http://goo.gl/jMh3yE

  17. Cathy Smith says:

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