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#115: Affiliate Marketing Done Right with Rachel Luna

June 22, 2016

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When you’re starting out in business, I am a big advocate for any and all confidence boosters. I’m talking ways you can get your feet wet so you can say with certainty: I CAN DO THIS.

Because you and I both know: You CAN do this. But sometimes you first need that little pat on the butt and boost of self-confidence.

Well, today I’ve got your keys to testing out your own launch before you really launch. It’s called Affiliate Marketing.

And I’ve got the perfect person to share the tricks and secrets to doing it right. Rachel Luna is an elite business coach who helps her clients gain clarity and confidence.

In this action-packed episode I share:

  • The 8 Steps to Successful Affiliate Marketing
  • The 7 Reasons Why Being an Affiliate is a Great Dry Run for Your Own Launch
  • Common Mistakes People Make with Affiliate Marketing

Whew! This is a TON of value.

I couldn’t wait to record this for you because I know a lot of you feel hesitation around kicking off your own launch. But, I know that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get the hands-on experience you need to feel good about your launch. I know this because this is the path I took—affiliate launch first, then my own launches.

Check it all out here.

So we will start off with those steps to mastering affiliate marketing:

  • Pick Your Products
  • Set Your GBB Goal (good, better, best)
  • Make Key Decisions
  • Set Up Your Backend
  • Run Your Communication Plan (Paid traffic and emails)
  • Create Results through Engagement
  • Communicate and Convert
  • Deliver on Your Word

Then, you will want to stay tuned for the real meat of this episode. I show you how affiliate marketing connects to your own launch—and how you can best leverage this approach to get results in your launch.

Rachel also shares her new program “Profit without Products.” I love when products are born out of experience and knowing your stuff inside and out. Being an affiliate marketer changed her life.

Rachel gives you the roadmap and tools for knowing what steps to take and when you should take them. She even gives you step-by-step instructions for the tech you need to reach your goals, so it won’t be overwhelming and you won’t be on your own. You can get all the details here.


Learn More about Rachel's “Profit Without Products”

Learn more

Rachel and I wrap up with the common mistakes some people (not you with the help of this episode!) make with affiliate marketing, including not priming the pump, drive-by posts (a pet peeve of mine!) and the ultimate baddie: poor affiliate etiquette.

I also give you a sure-fire tip to being the best partner that your affiliate has ever seen. This advice will make them want to work with you over and over again.

It’s all here in your must-have guide to affiliate marketing.

Results are not guaranteed. Please see earnings disclaimer for more detail.

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