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#690: The Lead Magnet Playbook: A Step-By-Step Guide for Creating Lead Magnets That Convert

June 20, 2024

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Creating an irresistible lead magnet to grow your email list and scale your business.

Let me tell you –  I would never have built the amazing business I have today without my incredible email list. If you're not prioritizing your email list right now, my friend, consider this your sign to do it!  

Why you may ask? Well, these days, social media just isn't enough – you absolutely need a thriving email list to scale your business. And one of the best ways to build an email list is by having a powerful lead magnet! In this episode, I share (literally!) each and every tip, trick, and actionable strategy I have for creating lead magnets that your ideal customers won't be able to resist. Trust me – you’re gonna want to get out a pen and paper! 

Basically, a lead magnet is a free offer or resource that you give to your audience in exchange for their email. Once you have that info, you're on your way to building an email list that practically sells for you! 

Today, I walk you through every single step, from coming up with ideas to designing to promoting your lead magnet. Seriously, these have been a total game-changer for my business, and of course, I want the exact same for you! 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • (5:48) A few simple questions to ask yourself to help you decide on a topic for your lead magnet 
  • (11:39) The most common and effective types of lead magnets 
  • (26:14) My top strategies to keep in mind when creating your lead magnet 
  • (32:22) The best and easiest ways to design your lead magnet (no graphic design skills needed!) 
  • (35:59) How to optimize your landing page and your thank you page 
  • (41:22) Tips for choosing a landing page URL and integrating it into your email service provider 
  • (44:39) Why you need to get peer reviews and feedback on your lead magnet 
  • (46:53) Resources for promoting your lead magnet – even if you don’t have a website yet 

To help you determine the topic of your lead magnet, there are a few simple questions you can ask yourself. Remember…the purpose of your lead magnet is to help your ICA solve an immediate problem or pain point!

  • #1: What is the best place to start the conversation with your ICA?
  • #2: What is the number one question you get asked all the time?
  • #3: What topic do you feel like you could talk about for hours on end?
  • #4: What should your ICA be asking you that they are not asking yet?
  • $5: What is your ICA most afraid of?
  • #6: What could help your ICA right this minute?
  • #7: What is something your ICA isn’t expecting from you, yet if you offered it for free, it would knock their socks off?
  • #8: How can you get your ICA unstuck or out of overwhelm?
  • #9 What are your ICA’s biggest pain points and/or desires? What would help ease their pain or help fulfill a desire?
  • #10: What does my ICA need to understand, be aware of or believe, in order to want or need my program, product, or service?

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