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#387: 7 Email Copywriting Tips To Convert Subscribers

July 29, 2021

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What to do when your email list isn’t buying…

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I’m not a chef.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that PostMates is higher on my speed dial than my sister (and I love my sister!)

But every now and then, on a special occasion, I’ll break out my old 1990’s apron from my single apartment days and cook something for Hobie.

(Okay, maybe by “cooking” I mean preheating the oven and peeling off plastic wrap but it’s totally the thought that counts, right?)

Well, let me tell you about a dark day in our marriage.

I decided that I’d push myself out of my comfort zone, don my apron, pour a glass of white wine, and see if there was any pasta in the pantry that wasn’t past expiration. 

By the time my hunky man was due to arrive home, dinner was ready and I was prepared to accept my well-deserved award.

But time went on… and no Hobie.

Wife confession: I was mad. 

I’d done all this work, tried something new, put myself out of my comfort zone… for nothing. 

Now, Hobie eventually came home and we worked it all out. (I can’t stay mad at that sweet man!)

But today I want to talk to you about the entrepreneurial equivalent…

…I’m talking about shooting your shot, giving it your best…and it kind of just sitting there…getting cold and stale.

Today we’re talking about making a sales pitch to your email list…and getting ZERO sales. 


Especially if your engagement is healthy, this sales offer ghost town can be massively frustrating. 

In today’s episode, I’m going to be sharing exactly how to prepare your next sales offer so your email subscribers are racing to the “Buy” button.

I’m going to take you step by step through your sales promo, including when to email, how many to send, and exactly how to write emails that make a connection first — then an effortless sale. 

That includes:

  • the type of email campaign you’ll want to do when you’re selling
  • seven copywriting tips you’ll want to include in every sales email you send
  • how to send sales emails with confidence (and why you should never, ever worry about annoying your list) 

In fact, I want to make sales emails so effortless for you that I’ve created a FREE checklist for you to download, so you can be sure that your sales emails are hitting the mark every time. 

So grab your checklist, click here to listen to today’s episode, and get ready to celebrate earning meaningful revenue in your business with just a few emails. 

PS. Looking for my List Building Masterclass? Well, I sure hope you like sharp upticks in your subscriber count. Click below to save your seat for my FREE List Building Masterclass!

I'm in, Amy! Save my spot!

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [08:16] Listen to discover and understand what your audience needs, wants, pain points, and desires are. 
  • [12:14] Use this sentence in your emails, “I know you're thinking…” and then fill in the blank. Take what you've learned and insert your ideal communities pain points into the sentence. 
  • [15:01] Take a journey back to where you were before you found your solution. What would the old you need to hear, know, or understand to cross the bridge to become a buyer?
  • [19:45] Highlight the exact words that you want to use in your email text. These words will come from your ideal audience members.
  • [28:00] Make the email all about your subscriber and their wants and needs. 
  • [30:16] Be specific and clear with your CTA – call to action. Leave no room for misunderstanding. 
  • [35:21] Action items: Map out your promo. To help you, download the free resource and start working through it and do the journal prompts!

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