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#514: An Honest (& Vulnerable) Conversation About Divorce, Break-Ups, & Transitions As An Entrepreneur (with Meghan Linsey and Patrice Washington)

November 10, 2022

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How to move through the pain of a relationship ending while managing and growing your business

Most of us don’t enter a relationship thinking that one day we will part. 

But the truth is, breakups are bound to happen — whether it’s personal, professional, or both. Marriages and romantic relationships end. Co-founders split ways. Employees move on. 

When you’re a business owner, overcoming these transitions can feel especially challenging, because after all, you’ve got what feels like a million plates spinning in the air already. 

So how the heck are you supposed to move through the pain of a relationship ending, while managing and growing your business

It’s not easy, friend — but it’s important to know that you can (and will) get through it, just like my guests on this episode have. 

You’ll hear from Meghan Linsey, a singer-songwriter who parted ways with her business partner and boyfriend — along with Patrice Washington, a money mindset coach who went through a divorce while still running a successful business. 

I even open up about the transition I experienced when my CMO, Chloe, decided to leave the team and explore new things after being my sidekick for seven years. 

This conversation is about as raw and real as it gets on Online Marketing Made Easy — and it’s my hope that if you’re going through a difficult transition, this it brings you the comfort and encouragement to keep going. 

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [04:10] Patrice Washington is America's Money Maven. She's an author, podcaster, coach, and transformational speaker. She's passionate about helping people redefine wealth for themselves.
  • [07:11] She made a “willing to lose” list. What would you be willing to lose in order to become who God has called you to be? She knew something needed to shift and felt like her 20 year marriage wasn't serving the best part of her life.
  • [16:14] Entrepreneurs thrive when they are taking care of themselves first, because they have so many people depending on them. Patrice already had a rhythm of making good choices.
  • [19:52] The biggest lesson Patrice learned was that she had to truly give her ex-husband the dignity of his own process.
  • [31:34] Meghan Linsey is an artist, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She was dating her business partner and co-band member. 
  • [38:13] Things got to a point where it was exhausting, and she didn't want to be in the relationship anymore. Their music had a  lot of success, and she didn't want to let everyone down. 
  • [41:25] Lessons learned include to not lose yourself in a partner relationship. Put yourself first and don't take care of everyone. Be on the same page and be aligned with potential partners. 
  • [46:27] Feeling stuck? Our lives are a culmination of the decisions we make. Sometimes you have to make the decision. Do what’s right for you.
  • [49:55] My transition when Chloe left my team at the end of 2021 after 7 years. She was my first full time hire, and became my sidekick. 
  • [51:35] She treated my business like it was her own. We became so close, and she was around when I got out of my partnership.
  • [58:07] We gave ourselves three months for the transition. Losing her made me so sad. I loved working with her.
  • [01:01:04] She wanted to change her role, but she didn't want to leave the business completely. She decided that she wanted to be a contractor. She's running my book launch and phase one is working incredibly well.
  • [01:02:17] Lessons learned. 1. You're going to lose people. Let yourself feel the emotions. 2. You can survive, no matter who you lose. We are stronger than ever and still very close.

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