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#581: Create A Profitable Business That Keeps Growing Even When You’re Offline With Steph Taylor

June 15, 2023

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It’s totally possible to scale your business without having to hustle harder – here’s how Steph Taylor did it

Do you feel like you’re working around the clock in your business? Like if you step away for a few days (or heck, even a few hours), the wheels will come off the tracks? 

I know I’ve been there before, sweet friend, and let me tell you — being glued to my laptop 24/7 was definitely not part of the vision of entrepreneurship I had when I first went off on my own. 

Unfortunately, all-too-many business owners create businesses that simply cannot function when they’re not there, which makes it impossible for them to take that much-needed vacation, or even escape to the spa for an afternoon. 

My guest on today’s episode, Steph Taylor, has experienced this firsthand. In fact, the first iteration of her business wore her into the ground — requiring so much of her that she ended up in the hospital. 

It was a turning point, to say the least – and today, she has a profitable and sustainable online business that continues to grow when she’s offline (and even off the grid).

In this episode, Steph shares her inspiring story of how she 10X’d her business revenue without having to hustle harder, and created a business where she has true freedom with her time. 

You’ll also hear:

  • The mistakes Steph made in her business that she’ll never make again
  • What she did to 10X her revenue and regain ownership of her life
  • Processes you can implement to get away from your business for longer periods of time
  • What it means to take imperfect action and why it’s so important to do as an entrepreneur

So, sweet friend, if you’ve ever felt like your business has started to own you (instead of the other way around), then pop in your earbuds and press play on this episode right now. 

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [06:46] Steph is an online business strategist who works with online business owners to make their business profitable even when they're offline.
  • [07:32] Five years ago, she was checking her emails while on a trip to Europe and realized that something needed to change.
  • [09:20] Two years ago she was able to book a 30-day trip and nothing in her business fell apart without her.
  • [11:07] Steph discusses the mistakes that she made in her business.
  • [15:13] Steph shares what she did to go from a $2,000 course launch to an $800,000 course launch. 
  • [20:15] Can you pass the off-grid test? Are your clients happy? Is your business profitable? What needs to happen while you're away?
  • [22:01] Build your foundation over time. What do you want to be doing long term? Put an action plan in place to get things off of your plate.
  • [26:33] Hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to begin building a team when first starting out. 
  • [27:52] Steph's podcast is called Imperfect Action, which she thinks is the secret to success in business. 
  • [33:02] The mindset that entrepreneurs need to embrace includes accepting failure and allowing yourself to be a beginner. Prioritize the long game.

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