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#611: Top Ways My Team Uses AI To Increase Efficiency, Creativity, & Intentional Margins

September 28, 2023

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The most effective AI strategies (& ChatGPT prompts) my team is using

Curious to know how my team and I are leveraging the incredible power of AI to supercharge our strategies? 

In this episode, I’m giving you a ​behind-the-scenes peek into how AI has changed the game for my entire business, and enabled my team to work more efficiently.

From community engagement to content creation, marketing, and operations, you better believe that we are leveraging this powerhouse technology to the max. 

You’re going to hear: 

  • The exact AI-powered tasks that are doing wonders in my company
  • Specific ways different departments within my company are using AI 
  • Effective prompts that you can plug into ChatGPT

… And much, much more! 

To make things easy, I've put together a resource that's packed with all the prompts I'll be revealing today. You can snag it here so you don’t have to worry about writing everything down while you listen to the episode. 

And before you dive in, I’ll leave you with a powerful statement from my dear friend, online marketer, AI enthusiast, Emily Hirsh: 

“Those who ignore AI are waving goodbye to incredible opportunities.”So, sweet friend, let's ensure you're not missing out on anything groundbreaking.Tune in now to unravel the exciting ways AI is transforming businesses – and yours might just be next.

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [06:11] My content team uses AI whenever they need to come up with inspiration or encounter roadblocks. AI can generate outlines and help refine content further.
  • [11:27] The community team uses AI to name and describe our community meetups and discussion events. It's great for titles and social media.
  • [14:40] The operations team uses AI to conduct research, organize data, draft emails, messages, and tasks. It helps save time and is more efficient.
  • [16:59] My ops team uses AI to process, brainstorm, and summarize meeting notes. They can organize it into a table and prompt for next steps and ideas.
  • [19:06] We use SOPs for everything in every department. We're still working out the right prompt to get AI to create and improve on SOPs. 
  • [19:24] The marketing team uses AI to generate themes, story ideas, and captivating social media captions. It's like having a writing partner.
  • [21:26] My senior marketing content manager uses AI across the board for podcast asset generation. It also helps to enhance SEO of these assets.
  • [23:37] She's also used it for brainstorming marketing initiatives and re-engagement campaigns. This creates a huge jump start for our copywriter.
  • [24:50] Our graphic designer uses AI features in Canva to enhance designs and create captivating visuals that elevate our brand presence.
  • [26:14] My copywriter has been using AI to brainstorm a lot. It's like an idea thesaurus that can supply a better way to explain a concept.
  • [27:20] AI is an essential part of the toolkit, but keep in mind that it complements human expertise.

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