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#625: This Pep Talk Saved My Career

November 14, 2023


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You have two choices: Get up or stay down. 

Sometimes, all you need is an honest, tough love pep talk to get yourself back in the game. If you find yourself playing small or getting caught in a cycle of comparison, this episode is for you, my friend. 

I’m sharing a version of the pep talk that my mentor Marie Forleo gave to me 14 years ago when she recognized I needed to get back into action. Her advice about celebrating every win made such a profound impact on me. 

I’m challenging you to measure yourself against your previous self, not what anyone else is doing. There’s nothing wrong with peeking over the fence, but if it starts to bring you down, I want you to stop right there.

Every step you take on the journey to your big, audacious goal is an accomplishment worth celebrating – never forget that. 

I also share: 

  • 3:44: What happened when I l​​eaned into my feelings of insecurity and unworthiness after my second launch 
  • 5:23: What Marie said to me that transformed my definition of success 
  • 8:15: My pep talk for anyone who’s taking themselves out of the game 
  • 11:05: What Dan Sullivan’s The Gap and The Gain taught me about measuring progress 

As an entrepreneur, it’s inevitable to go through a funk every now and then. When that happens, I want you to press play on this pep talk and get yourself back out there.

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There’s a reason “made easy”
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There’s a reason “made easy” is literally the title!

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