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Here’s what Sex Ed consisted of in my all-girls Catholic high school:

Boys are the devil. Stay away from boys. End of discussion.

And I know I’m not the only one who had a similar “education.”

How? Because for 10 years, I worked as a registered dietitian in New York City seeing women one-on-one. (Many of whom had a lot of gaps in their knowledge about how their own bodies worked.)

Specifically during the phase BEFORE they try getting pregnant—the “pre-prenatal stage” — not realizing that being on birth control for half their lives was wildly throwing off their hormones. (And potentially making it harder to conceive later on.)

While my sister and I were chatting about this massive opportunity to teach young women how their bodies actually worked without all the shame, embarrassment, and “ew factor” involved in most school programs, a friend of mine introduced me to Amy’s Digital Course Academy®️.

It was a huge investment for us.

But I started to see myself separate from my old life of only making money from seeing clients. And I knew I really needed help planning how we would launch our “Sex Ed 2.0” program so I could transition out of the one-on-one model.

(Especially since I had to leave my email list with my practice, I was really starting totally from scratch.)

So, while my sister and I were together for Christmas, we recorded 6 weeks of video content in just 2 days. And together we set a goal to generate $20,000 for our launch.

I’ve never been a goal setter, but Amy’s step-by-step, encouraging teaching style had me feeling like I really could make this happen.

And I was right. Because in January we welcomed over 100 women into our course, The Fruitful Program, earning $20,100!! (Not to mention, we also grew our email list to 2,000 women.)

What’s even better, though, is that 10 of those 100 women got pregnant after taking our program! Of course, we can’t take all the credit, but it is a testament to how taking great care of yourself and understanding the truth about how your body works can go a long way with your fertility.

The success of our pre-prenatal Sex Ed 2.0 course sparked another idea in me to help people lose weight in a whole new lifelong way.

In just THREE days after coming up with the idea, I put everything together, launched it at a discount, and generated $25,000. (IN THREE DAYS!!)

The money is amazing, but what’s really awesome about my new life as a course creator is that I can work from anywhere I please. I was just in the mountains for a couple weeks and didn’t have to take that time off from growing my business, serving my customers, and making money.

I really am living my dream life. Thank you, Amy and DCA!

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