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After working in the digital marketing field, about six years ago I started on my own as a consultant. It was great — I made the kind of money I wanted, and I had a lot more free time.

With that extra free time, I started to feel into what I really wanted for my life. I did a lot of inner work releasing unconscious beliefs and old patterns that had held me back. I loved it so much that I started helping others with their own personal development, teaching the work that had helped me.

One day I just knew it was time to shift from my digital marketing business into teaching inner work, but I didn’t have any kind of platform or audience for that.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon Amy! I somehow saw a promotion of her webinar and registered. When she asked on the webinar, “Do you want to launch a course?” I thought — “Yes, I do!!” I was really impressed by her professionalism, and I knew right then I wanted to sign up for Digital Course Academy®️.

The only issue was, money was tight — I had just put my own business aside to work on my partner’s website for three months. So, instead of asking for payment, I asked him if he would invest in Digital Course Academy®️ for both of us. It was a win-win because he runs courses too, so he easily said YES!

As I started working through DCA, I set up a completely new website and lead magnet for myself and started creating weekly content. Thankfully, my partner already had an audience — his list had 30,000 people on it — so I was able to market to them.

I wanted to complement what he was doing on his website, and build something for people who had already done his self-mastery course. So I decided to create a meditation course called “Beyond the Mind” to help his graduates overcome resistance and create what they want to in their lives.

I created a blog post for my partner’s website and shared how meditation could help the self-mastery work they were already doing, and then linked it to my lead magnet. I got some good traction on that.

Then he did a podcast interview with me and I got even more engagement. I could tell people were interested and paying attention.

When I launched, I did four webinars, and they were all cross-promoted to his list. My goal was to get 500 webinar signups and 50 people purchasing my course. I blew it out of the water — 605 webinar signups, and 90 purchases for my course!

I had $22,000 in sales. It was so cool!

One of the most helpful things for me about Digital Course Academy®️ is that it helped me get out of my head and just sit down and do the work. Amy lays out every step, and I just followed along. Having that support got me to a finished product so much faster.

I have had my business idea for a long time. I just needed a formula to put it together.

Investing in Digital Course Academy®️ to get my course done within three months was so worth it, and I’m so glad I had Amy to show me the way.

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