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I had a tiny craft business on Etsy selling fingerless gloves, scarves, and stationery. It was like the quintessential “mom trying to make a little side money on the internet” kind of situation.

I think I made about $2 an hour when I sold a knitted item.

One day my mother told me she wanted a T-shirt quilt, so I figured out how to make her one. That’s when I decided quilts would also be a good addition to my Etsy store, and it was the first time I started making reasonable money online. When I sold a quilt I would make about $25 an hour. (Finally, I was moving in the right direction!)

Once I figured out that if I could teach people how to quilt I could make even more money, I came up with the idea to make an ebook and started selling that, too.

That led me down the path of looking for information about how to promote my business with email and social media, and that’s when I discovered Amy’s podcast. I inhaled all of her content and learned from her about making digital courses.

Taking what I learned from her podcast, in spring 2018 I built the first iteration of my paid course, Rockstar Status. When I launched it for $150, I had 5 people sign up. I was excited by the results!

So 2 months later I decided to launch again… and it flopped.

I took a year to regroup and launched again. That time I made just short of $4,000! It was getting better every time, but I knew that with a list my size I should’ve been earning more.

Truth be told, I was just sending out one email to my list telling them that the course was open. I needed a proven plan! Amy’s plan!

When Digital Course Academy®️ opened that year, I soooo wanted to join. I knew Amy could fill in the gaps and show me where I was going wrong, but I couldn’t afford the course then. So I made it my mission to have the money I needed to join DCA the next time it opened.

I implemented the strategies I learned from Amy’s podcast to get better at email marketing and decided to join List Builders Society®️ to help me figure out how to make the money I needed to join DCA.

Using the techniques from LBS, I did another course launch in September with the goal of making the money I needed to join DCA. I made $33,000 in total from that launch. That was amazing!

Then I joined DCA and learned so much more about online courses and launch strategies. In January, after joining DCA, I launched again and earned $28,350 in 4 days.

Then in February, I did another launch and made $19,747.

My business has increased 50% since joining DCA, and I haven’t even finished the course yet!

Before I started selling my course, I was nervous because I thought I couldn’t afford all the tech I needed to make a course. So what did I do? I recorded my course on my iPhone. It’s scrappy, but it worked. And my students are getting the results they are looking for.

Who would’ve thought that a millennial like me could be so successful teaching baby boomers how to quilt online? If I hadn’t have found Amy, none of this would exist.

Before I created my online course, we were struggling financially. We couldn’t afford to go out to dinner or spend time with friends. Now we can take the kids out without counting pennies. We can go on vacation. We have a nanny, so we can both work, and I’ve been able to help people in my community who are in need.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for what is possible. Thank you, Amy, for helping me make my dreams come true!

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