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#292: Student Spotlight: How This “Post Webinar Nurture Sequence” Led To Over $11,000 EXTRA In Revenue with Karida Griffith Walker

December 5, 2019

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Let’s be honest, your launch runway and your webinars are the most exciting part of your launch! 

And if we’re being really honest, the time between your last webinar and your cart closing day, you’re most likely exhausted, and all you want to do is curl up to a good Netflix binge session — at least I do!

And while it’s tempting to do just that, I find that this time (between your last webinar and your cart close date) is where getting scrappy and making a little post-webinar push can transform the outcome and revenue of your launch. 

One of my Digital Course Academy®️ students, Karida Griffith Walker, decided to roll up her sleeves and get scrappy with her post-webinar nurture sequence — despite having a cold and a household of stuffy noses!

Her commitment to showing up for her audience members who were on the fence resulted in over $11,000 extra in revenue and 20 new students in her digital course. That’s 58% of her revenue for this specific launch!

She even talks about having a coughing attack during one of her live Facebook videos, but that didn’t stop her from showing up. 

In this episode, Karida shares her post-webinar strategies and some seriously impressive numbers. Take a listen, get inspired, and start planning to use some of these post-webinar strategies for your next launch. 

Here’s a breakdown of what Karida and I chatted about…

  • [06:15]Karida was a professional dancer and Radio City Rockette for almost 5 years. She then left to pursue her passion for tap dancing, which led her to teaching tap to others.
  • [09:21] Karida got married and moved to Portland where she is raising her three kids. She wanted to combine her love of dancing and teaching and stumbled across Webinars That Convert®️. She knew that there was a need for tap dance teacher training, so she created her signature course The Tap Teacher Lounge.
  • [14:04] In her course, Karida uses slides, audio, and direct to camera videos of her actually showing dance moves to teach her students. She then allows them to send in videos for her feedback!
  • [18:21] In Karida's most recent launch, she had 204 people registered for her four webinars. She also did something really cool, she offered an “interested but can't attend” option for those who wanted to register. She had 105 people select this option. She had 15 people sign up during her webinars and 20 people sign up during her post-webinar efforts. Her 35 signups brought her $21,000 in revenue.
  • [23:56] If you pay attention to how your audience behaves—how they respond, what they need, what they want—you can get so many profitable ideas on how to cater to them and truly show up in a way that makes them want to buy. 
  • [24:35] After the webinar, Karida kept running Facebook lives where she tackled her customer's biggest objections and explained her tap curriculum and what her students would learn. She retargeted 240 people and spent $170 in ads — that's it! This resulted in eight new purchases. 
  • [40:28] Karida had a totally different mindset with this launch. She got scrappy, because she wants to have a six-figure business. She was committed to her process and kept pushing all the way through the launch with her six-figure mindset!
  • [45:43] Karida touched on the importance of sending a sequence of post-webinar emails and why some people appreciate receiving them.

You’re going to love this week’s episode. Click here to listen!

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