Side Hustle to Full-Time Business

They now introduce themselves as a full-time entrepreneur


I went from $12,000 in debt to a six-figure launch, thanks to Amy’s strategies!

Kate Kordsmeier

Founder & CEO, Root + Revel

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No more stress, tons of confidence, and my list has grown over 75%!

Brianna Lamberson

Personal Stylist & Wardrobe Consultant

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Amy really helped me understand my ability to create a successful business based on the value of my courses and coaching. I’m much more focused. I’m more confident… and I’m so grateful.

Camille Attell

Remote Work Business Coach

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I sold $78,000 in legal templates in just ONE MONTH — before I even finished DCA! I’ve now quit my 9–5 lawyer job and am dedicated to building my online business full time!

Amira Irfan

Business Lawyer and Entrepreneur

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DCA helped me gain unshakeable confidence in myself and truly understand my value as a course creator. With DCA I know I have everything I need to grow my course business, and I can’t wait for my second launch!

Larissa Wild

Owner, The Art Elevator

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Thanks to DCA, I am making six figures with my digital course business! My husband was able to retire from his job, and we now have the freedom and money to live the lifestyle that we want!

Alexandra Morgan

Pattern Maker and Technical Designer

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How has DCA changed my life? I was living with a roommate when I signed up for DCA. Now I have my dream home. My partner was able to quit his job to stay home with our daughter. And we take 4 international vacations each year!

Kyleigh Banks

Doula & Business Coach

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If committing to creating and launching a course feels equivalent to climbing Kilimanjaro, listen up…

Every journey starts with one step. If the questions “who am I to create a course?” or “where do I even start?” are coming up for you, know that they came up for every single successful course creator you see on this page.

Whether you’ve never owned a business before, you have no idea what your course would be about, or you’re totally allergic to tech — we ALL start somewhere. What matters most is your willingness to put one foot in front of the other.

Each of these course creators started with one thing: THE COURAGE TO TRY

Ready to do the same?

I’m ready Amy, sign me up!

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