Successful Moms

They built something they could be proud of that also paid for daycare or the freedom to be present


I exceeded my business goals and made $184K in one day, thanks to Amy and DCA! Our total at the end of the launch was $332K – during COVID-19!!

Maria Dior Duegaard Amdahl

Personal Trainer & Entrepreneur

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When COVID-19 hit, I lost a BIG chunk of my food photography business… Luckily I stumbled on DCA, and after creating my online food photography course, I made $14,901 on my very first launch!!

Sukaina Rajabali

Food Photographer

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I made $107,000 on my first launch in the middle of COVID-19 — and this is just the beginning!

Audrey Tom

Style & Wardrobe Expert

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When my husband lost his job, I quickly transformed myself from a busy stay-at-home mom into an online entrepreneur… and with Amy’s DCA, I am now gearing up to launch my own course!

Amanda Gray-Steinacher


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How has DCA changed my life? I was living with a roommate when I signed up for DCA. Now I have my dream home. My partner was able to quit his job to stay home with our daughter. And we take 4 international vacations each year!

Kyleigh Banks

Doula & Business Coach

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I made $220k in just one year with my evergreen webinar funnel! And the best part is now I can work whenever I feel like it. (No more 24-hour workdays for me!)

Carly Banks

Owner, The Habit Ayurveda

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In 2021 I brought in over $125,000 in course sales, and I am on track this year to more than double that number! Since its creation, I have brought in over $200,000 from my signature course alone. Not only am I earning a great living, but I get to spend all the time I want with my children and work as much or as little as I want, all thanks to my online course business.

Michele Caruana

Online Educator

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My life has COMPLETELY changed since joining DCA… I went from dreaming about having my own business to making $38,000 with my digital course!

Masha Goins

Instagram Mom Coach

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I needed a gamer-changer in the digital course-space who could help me take my life’s work to the next level. And that’s why I signed up for DCA!

Hayley Winter

Founder, The Institue of Yoga Sports Science

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If committing to creating and launching a course feels equivalent to climbing Kilimanjaro, listen up…

Every journey starts with one step. If the questions “who am I to create a course?” or “where do I even start?” are coming up for you, know that they came up for every single successful course creator you see on this page.

Whether you’ve never owned a business before, you have no idea what your course would be about, or you’re totally allergic to tech — we ALL start somewhere. What matters most is your willingness to put one foot in front of the other.

Each of these course creators started with one thing: THE COURAGE TO TRY

Ready to do the same?

I’m ready Amy, sign me up!

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